LinkedIn auto-promotion service

Let your customers come to you 24/7

  • no complicated settings and installations necessary
  • no need to purchase a premium account
  • completely safe for the account
  • ready to work immediately after registration

How to get 2 500 valuable contacts in LinkedIn without personal involvement?

And at the same time:

Invest minimum in the account promotion

Receive immediate feedback

Attract the targeted audience

Spend less time searching and filtering applications

How do you usually promote your profile?

Manually search for contacts and add people as friends

Use the expensive contextual or targeted advertising

With the help of special programs or browser extensions

But it is too difficult and expensive

But we found a solution to all of these problems!

LinkedIn auto-promotion service:
Specify the targeted audience, launch it with just two clicks and enjoy your coffee, while the service does everything for you.

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How does it work

The service imitates your actions as if you are searching for the right profiles and sending them a friend request. But if manually you can only find the first 1,000 contacts by keyword, the program performs a search through the entire LinkedIn. And then simply sends a certain number of applications in a given period of time.

You choose the targeted
audience using
certain parameters.

The system sends the
specified number of invites
per day.

Users confirm
friend requests

You get contacts of potential customers, employers or employees

It’s like 5-10 people at the same time are working on your profile! !

Whether it is a potential client for your business, dream job, or a potential employee for your company, nothing comes without hard work. Manual searching, every single page studying and filtering take a lot of time.

With you can automatically:

Why LinkAdd.In is your best promotion assistant


It only requires for you to set everything up once and then you can mind your own business while the service attracts your audience 24/7.


The account connected to the service behaves like a real person. All the actions are emulated from the hundreds of different devices and operating systems, so you will not have to worry about any sanctions or being blocked from the LinkedIn.

Targeted audience

You receive confirmed invites not just for the sake of quantity. This is the foundation you can work with.

No installation necessary

The service does not need to be installed on a computer and your browser does not need to be set up. It works online without your involvement.

Available in 4 languages

English, Chinese (Mandarin), Portuguese Brazilian, Russian

All functions are in one place

Invites, cancellation requests, auto-messaging to new friends within one service.

Receive customer contacts
in just two clicks

By using this service, you can get a month:

up to
3.000 invites
up to
1.500 confirmed

Get targeted customers interested in your product.

Save money without using a premium LinkedIn accounts and expensive promotion methods.

Don't waste your time and human resources on finding customers.

How our customers built a network of contacts with our help

Price list and terms

Choose a subscription term:

  • Access to personal account
  • Audience selection using your criteria
  • Up to 3,000 invites per month

1 month — $ 99

6 months — $ 499

Save more 10%

12 months — $ 999

Is it expensive?

Let's compare:

How much will you pay per month
for similar services

What will you get

$ 15

A simple chat bot that can greet new subscribers.

$ 10-12

Browser Plugins. The window must be open all the time for it to work. May slow down your browser. Often have an extremely complex interface.

$ 21

Mutual subscriber’s exchange in special chat rooms. The main idea is to increase the credibility of the profile, but it will not bring customers. As a result, a lot of strange people in friends.

$ 30-50

More complex solutions that require installation. Both the program and the browser must be open all the time. They are hard to understand even for people with IT background. It will be difficult to work and mind your own business in such conditions.

$ 1 000-1 500

Extremely pricey solutions from IT freelancers. Efficiency and quality depends on the performer’s professionalism, which often makes us wish for better. No technical support or software warranties will be provided.

Safe for the account

Personal data protection

We do not share your personal data with third parties and do not post them in the public domain. Account or information theft is totally impossible.

Without the risk of being blocked on LinkedIn

The service exactly imitates the actions of a regular person and does not exceed the permissible daily and monthly limits. In addition, all actions are emulated from different devices, which excludes questions from the LinkedIn administration.


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